What Cheeses can the HSP9000 pierce?

The HSP9000 is our industry leading piercing solution for the blue cheese industry. Utilising second-generation full servo drive systems, the HSP9000 (High Speed Piercer) provides cheese manufacturers with an authentic production method with the efficiency of modern technology.

Piercing cheese is the most common way to develop the mould needed for blue cheese production. This method is used with the following popular blue cheeses.


English Stilton is made in the East Midlands, popular in pies and soups, including steak and Stilton pie. 


French Roquefort is from Aveyron and is popular in starters such as baked stuffed aubergine. 


Italian Gorgonzola is made in Lombardy and is used in Gorgonzola Cream Sauce and is known for its distinct aroma.


Danish Danablu has a sharp taste that pairs well with fruit and honey.


German Cambozola is made in Allgäu and used in recipes such as Cambozola Strudel.


Polish Rokpol originates in Lower Silesia and is similar to Danish Danablu.


Swedish Ädelost is used in many recipes as an alternative to Gorgonzola or Roquefort.


Finnish Aura is from Äänekoski and is used in recipes such as Leipäjuusto (cheese bread)


French Agur is from Monts du Velay and is known for its tangy and creamy texture.


French Bleu d’Auvergne is from Auvergne, popular in deserts, including Bleu d’Auvergne vacherin.


These famous blue cheeses are enjoyed worldwide thanks to modern production methods and logistical capabilities. Specialist cheese production is protected by international and national authorities to ensure the quality and authenticity of these historic cheeses are maintained by controlling the location, ingredients and methods of production


The HSP9000 revolutionises the traditional technique of cheese piercing by increasing production output whilst not impacting quality or authenticity. Our cheese-piercing innovation can be used to authentically pierce and produce hundreds of different types of blue cheeses

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